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Crypto exchange payments platform

Do you need a scalable payments platform that supports large transaction volumes and cross-border payments? Help users maximize trading opportunities on your crypto exchange with a reliable and secure payments infrastructure for crypto.

Give domestic and international crypto exchange users the best trading experience with simple fiat payment processing for cryptocurrency purchases. Let them deposit funds using a wide range of customer preferred local payment methods.

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MONEI payment gateway

Scalable payment processing

Process large transaction volumes as your crypto business grows with a reliable and scalable crypto payments platform.

Quick crypto trading

Real-time payment services are a must in the volatile crypto market. Use a fiat payments API that authenticates, processes, and settles transactions in milliseconds.

Built-in payment security

Earn trust and always keep your business and its users safe. Use a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant crypto exchange payments platform.

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Crypto exchange payments platform FAQs

What is a crypto exchange payments platform?

MONEI’s crypto exchange payments platform helps you accept fiat payments for cryptocurrency purchases and enables your users to deposit funds using a wide range of local payment methods.

Is a crypto exchange payments platform the same thing as a crypto payment gateway?

No. A crypto payment gateway integrates with e-commerce websites to help merchants accept cryptocurrency payments. A crypto exchange payments platform helps crypto exchanges accept a range of fiat currency payment methods from users for crypto purchases made on the exchange.

Why is it important for crypto exchanges to accept many fiat payment methods?

Offering a wide range of popular payment methods will help you attract new local and international crypto exchange users. And reaching more people means more transactions, higher turnover, and increased revenue for your crypto business.

Give crypto exchange users the best trading experience

Are you looking for scalable fiat payment processing for your crypto business? Get in touch today.