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Payment Method Integrations for E-commerce Platforms

Payment Method Integrations for E-commerce Platforms

Accepting more payment methods in your e-commerce store will help you reach more customers, improve the checkout experience, and boost your conversion rates. That's why we've built a platform that enables you to accept the widest range of payment methods from one dashboard.

Integrate your Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix e-commerce platform with MONEI so you can manage your entire payment stack from one payment platform using our payments orchestration layer, and save money as your business grows with dynamic pricing.

Payment method integrations for popular e-commerce platforms

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Many of Southern Europe's Shopify merchants use MONEI as their go-to payments solution.

Easily integrate these (and more) payment methods with your Shopify store:

💡 Learn how to integrate with Shopify.

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Use our official WooCommerce plugin to connect with MONEI in minutes.

Get more information about the following e-commerce payment method integrations:

💡 Learn how to integrate with WooCommerce.

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Connect your Wix store with MONEI to start accepting more payment methods today.

This includes the following payment methods (and more):

💡 Learn how to integrate with Wix.


Use the PrestaShop payment gateway integration to configure and manage all payment methods from one dashboard. Increase your conversion rate by offering customers their preferred payment options.

Customize your PrestaShop checkout page using the Hosted Payment Page integration. It’s fully responsive and mobile-ready.

Integrating PrestaShop with MONEI, you will be able to offer the following payment methods, among others:

💡 Learn how to integrate with PrestaShop.

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

In order to accept payments in your Magento 2 store (now Adobe Commerce), you’ll need a Magento 2 payment gateway that supports many payment methods, has reasonable fees, and guarantees secure payments. 

Connect with one platform to easily accept all the most popular payment methods in your Adobe Commerce store using the Magento payment gateway module.

💡 Learn how to integrate with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2).

More e-commerce platform payment method integrations are coming soon

Our goal is to make sure every online merchant can easily accept more alternative and local payment methods in their store without spending time and money on multiple integrations.

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