Earn up to 3,000 € per month as a MONEI partner

Get extra income when you invite other businesses to join the future of payments with MONEI


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Help merchants accept payments easily

MONEI allows any business to accept payments online or in physical commerce easily thanks to its advanced payment platform.

Integrates quickly and easily with any online store

Allows payments through QR in a physical business

Money is sent in real time to the merchant's bank account

Compatible with the most popular payment methods

How does it work


Sign up as a MONEI Partner to create your account in less than 2 minutes


Invite other merchants to join through your unique partner link

You have earned 10 € from merchant # 212

This month


Earn 20% of everything each merchant you refer is billed by MONEI

How much can I earn

With our Partner program you will earn 20% of what each business you invite to MONEI is billed (comissions and platform usage).*

From your partner panel you can control your income and see how many businesses are They have registered through your invitation.

Example Scenario You bring a merchant to MONEI who processes 10.000 eur/month, he will pay 100 eur to MONEI, you get: 20 eur, every month, forever, whenever his business is running and accepting payments from his customers with MONEI.

How many businesses can you bring?




Works with the most popular payment methods

MONEI supports the most popular payment methods: credit card payments, direct debit payments, e-wallet payments, point-to-point and installment payments.

Help us grow the future of payments

Join the payments revolution and grow YOUR income with the MONEI Partner Program.