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Put your billing on autopilot with subscription payment services

Improve the customer experience and your cash flow with subscription payments. Save time on billing, build trust, and earn recurring revenue with MONEI Subscriptions.

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MONEI recurring payments

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Free up time to grow your business by automating recurring payments.

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Increase conversions with automatic retries
Subscriptions feature
Integrate with your custom-built website using a Subscriptions API
Subscriptions feature
Send payment requests to customers via Pay By Link to active a subscription
Subscriptions feature
Set parameters like subscription names, prices, and billing cycles
Subscriptions feature
Use tokenization to securely store payment information for future transactions
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Make it easy for customers to subscribe (and stay subscribed) to your services

  • Let customers activate subscriptions with the click of a button.
  • Build trust with a customized payment page: use your logo, brand colors, and URL.
  • Get built-in payment security: PCI and PSD2 complaint.
  • Never lose a sale due to outdated payment information with automatic retries.
  • Accept consumer-preferred payment methods.
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Set up subscription payments today

Streamline operations and speed up the billing process by saving customer payment information for future transactions. Put your recurring payments on autopilot with MONEI Subscriptions.

Subscription payment service FAQ

What is a subscription payment service?

A subscription payment service is a system that lets you automatically charge customers on a recurring basis.

How can a subscription payment service benefit my business?

Subscription payment services can provide a predictable and stable revenue stream, improve customer retention, automate billing processes, and potentially increase customer lifetime value by offering a convenient payment method.

In what countries is MONEI’s subscription payment service available?

MONEI Subscriptions are available to merchants based in Spain and Andorra, for transactions made anywhere in the world.

How do I set up MONEI’s subscription payment service for my business?

Use the Subscriptions API to integrate MONEI Subscriptions with your custom-built website. You'll need to decide on your pricing model, set up your products or services, and configure the billing cycle.

How much does a subscription payment service cost?

The cost of a subscription payment service varies widely depending on the provider. Some charge a flat monthly fee, some take a percentage of each transaction, and some do a combination of both. At MONEI, you only pay transaction fees. Learn more about pricing.

Is there a maximum transaction amount for MONEI Subscriptions?

The maximum amount for subscription payments is €2,500 per transaction. Contact support to request an increase.

Is there a minimum transaction amount for MONEI Subscriptions?

Depending on the payment processor, there is either no minimum or a minimum amount of €0.01 required to authorize subscription payments. If a charge is required to activate subscription payments, it’s automatically refunded unless the first charge is for the real payment amount. Subscription payments are considered active after the first real transaction.

How do customers manage their subscriptions?

Most subscription payment services provide a customer portal where subscribers can manage their accounts. Depending on your integration, with MONEI, your customers can update payment information, change their subscription level, cancel their subscriptions, and more.

How can I prevent churn with a subscription payment service?

To prevent churn, you can use tactics such as offering a seamless user experience, providing excellent customer service, sending reminders before billing, and offering flexibility in subscription levels.

Can I offer trials or discounts with MONEI’s subscription payment service?

Yes, you can create trial periods. This can be a good way to attract new customers and encourage them to try your service.

How does MONEI’s subscription payment service handle failed payments?

If you experience a failed subscription payment due to an expired card or other reasons, we automatically send an email (on your behalf) to the customer asking them to update their payment details. The amount of times we send this notification depends on the subscription plan. If the payment is not recovered, we cancel it and notify you immediately.

Can I offer multiple subscription plans with MONEI’s subscription payment service?

Yes, you can offer multiple plans with different pricing tiers and benefits. This can help cater to a wider audience and provide options that suit different customer needs.

How secure is MONEI’s subscription payment service?

MONEI is PCI compliant and prioritizes security, ensuring that sensitive payment information is safely handled. Subscriptions also use encryption and tokenization technology for added security.

What happens if a customer wants a refund for a subscription payment?

You can process refunds from your user dashboard.

Can I change my subscription pricing once it's set?

Yes, with MONEI, you can change your subscription pricing. But changes should be communicated clearly to existing subscribers to avoid confusion or dissatisfaction.

Can I integrate MONEI’s subscription payment services with my custom-built website?

Yes. Use the Subscriptions API to integrate with your custom-built website.

How can I handle currency conversions for subscription payments with MONEI?

This depends on how the payment terminal is configured. For example, if your business is based in Spain, but your customer has a US card and you want them to pay conversion fees, the terminal is configured in EUR. But if you want to compensate for the fees you can configure the terminal in USD.

Can I use a subscription payment service for physical goods, or is it just for digital services?

Subscription payment services can be used for both physical and digital goods. From software subscriptions to magazine subscriptions to monthly snack boxes, many businesses use these services to manage their recurring revenue.

Can I move my existing subscribers to MONEI’s subscription payment service?

Yes, but the process can vary between providers. It usually involves exporting customer data from your old system and importing it into the new one. Some services might provide tools or assistance to make this process easier. Contact us for assistance.