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Accept Bizum payments in your physical store with MONEI Pay

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Earn recurring revenue with a
subscription payment service

Foster business growth and stability while improving the customer experience with subscription payments. Use a subscription payment model so shoppers can pay faster while you save time on billing, build trust, and earn recurring revenue.

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MONEI recurring payments

Easy to use subscription payment processing

Enjoy useful features that make managing subscriptions simple and stress-free.

Subscriptions feature
Manage and customize subscription plans from your user dashboard
Subscriptions feature
Set parameters like subscription names, prices, and billing cycles
Subscriptions feature
Activate weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans
Subscriptions feature
Support a wide range of online payment methods
Subscriptions feature
Add a subscriptions sign up button or pop up to your website
Subscriptions feature
Integrate subscription payment services with your e-commerce platform or custom website
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How the subscription payment model works for customers

After your customer selects subscriptions, they’ll be redirected to the Hosted Payment Page. It’s frictionless, customizable, and features a fully responsive mobile design so they can:

  • Add their payment information, which will be tokenized for future payments
  • Set up subscriptions using a credit card, Click to Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay
  • Enjoy automatic billing based on the selected subscription plan
  • Manage subscriptions from a user-friendly dashboard
  • Receive invoices via email for captured payments

Why choose MONEI subscriptions?

Our powerful Subscriptions API makes the integration process quick, easy, and secure for you and your customers.

Subscriptions feature
Generate QR codes for each invoice
Subscriptions feature
Choose how to charge for extra usage

(during or outside of set billing cycles)

Subscriptions feature
Improve transaction success rates with payments orchestration
Subscriptions feature
Invite customers to subscribe via Pay By Link

(no website required)

Subscriptions feature
Offer secure payment processing

(3D Secure 2.0, PSD2, and PCI DSS)

Subscriptions feature
Save money on transaction fees with dynamic pricing

Fast subscription payment service integration

Quickly and easily connect MONEI Subscriptions with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce — no manual coding required.

Do you have a custom-built website? Use the Subscriptions API with any one of our integrations to enable subscription payments for your business.