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Improve payments with the best legal billing software

Stop resisting digital payment inovations and start billing your legal clients in a faster, frictionless way that boosts satisfaction and streamlines your law firm’s operations.

Use MONEI Pay’s legal billing software to accept more payment methods in person or online, send payment requests via SMS, WhatsApp, or email, and save time and money on outdated payment processes and hardware.

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Get hassle free law firm payment processing

With the right legal billing software, you no longer need a bulky card terminal in your law office. Use MONEI Pay to charge your legal clients in seconds from your office computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Accept more payment methods

Send payments requests

Save time and money

Build trust

Get paid faster

Take secure legal payments

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How does MONEI Pay’s legal billing software work?

MONEI Pay is a powerful payment solution for law firms. Here’s how you can use it to accept secure payments for your legal services:

  1. Sign up for MONEI
  2. Download the MONEI Pay app to your smartphone or tablet
  3. Add users to your MONEI account
  4. Enter the payment amount to create digital QR code payments
  5. Client scans the QR code to pay
  6. Client selects their preferred payment method
  7. Client finishes the transaction with the tap of a button

If your client isn’t present, you can also use MONEI pay to send payment requests via email, SMS, or WhatsApp with Pay By Link.


Simplify payments in your law firm with MONEI Pay

Start now to improve your law firm’s payment processing while saving time and money. Create your MONEI account in just a few minutes. Then download the Android or iOSmobile payment app on as many devices as you need, or access MONEI Pay from any browser at

👈 Scan a QR code to experience the payment flow.

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Do you have a platform or marketplace for lawyers and law firms?

Use MONEI Connect to integrate payments and help your users accept more payment methods in person or online.