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Interchange fee calculator

Not sure how to calculate interchange fees? You’ve come to the right place. Enter a purchase amount to calculate credit and debit card interchange fees.

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This interchange fee calculator is intended for illustrative purposes. Rates are regularly adjusted by card networks and recent changes may not always be reflected here.

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Interchange fee FAQs

What are interchange fees?

Interchange fees are also referred to as interchange rates or reimbursement fees. They are the fees you must pay to card-issuing banks each time a customer completes a credit or debit card purchase from your stores.

Why do I have to pay interchange fees?

Many players are involved in credit card payment processing before the transaction is approved and funds are transferred to your business bank account.

When a shopper makes a card purchase, your business, your bank (acquirer), and the customer’s bank (issuer) are all involved in the transaction.

When the issuing bank sends the payment to the acquiring bank, there’s a small fee — also known as the interchange fee.

Without interchange rates, issuing banks wouldn’t be able to cover the costs like maintenance, customer service, and fraud prevention to operate card services.

How is interchange used?

Interchange fees help payment systems work quickly and securely, cover card service operating costs that would otherwise be passed from banks onto consumers, and contribute to innovation investments and system maintenance so card networks like Visa and Mastercard can provide a faster, more convenient, and secure payment experience.

Does each card network have different interchange rates?

Yes. Interchange fees are determined by card networks and are adjusted regularly. Take a look at Visa Interchange++, Mastercard Interchange++, and learn more about Interchange++ pricing.