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The easiest way to accept payments in your dental practice

Managing a dental practice isn’t simple — you have to help patients, schedule appointments, make calls, and the list goes on. Accepting payments in your dental practice should be the least of your worries. That’s why it’s important to use a functional and safe system to charge your patients. Whether you have your own dental practice, work in a bigger office, or are part of a dental clinic, MONEI Pay is the perfect solution to help you accept cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Bizum in your dental practice.


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Advantages of accepting payments in your dental practice
with MONEI Pay

With MONEI Pay’s app for dental payments you can forget about unreliable dental POS terminals, and start using your phone, tablet, or computer to accept instant payments in your dental practice or anywhere else.

Save up to 50% on transaction fees
Use the computer, phone, or tablet you already have instead of a dataphone
Customize your dental payment page
Instantly process dental patient payments

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Members of PCI Security Standards Council
Members of The European Payments Council

How does MONEI Pay for dentists work?

Accepting payments without a dental POS system is easy and secure. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your MONEI account
  2. Download the MONEI Pay app to your smartphone or tablet (you can also accept payments at from any device/browser)
  3. Enter the invoice amount to create digital QR code payments
  4. Have your patient scan the QR code to pay or enter their mobile number to send a payment request
  5. Patient selects their preferred payment method
  6. Patient finishes the payment with the tap of a button
  7. Funds are instantly deposited into your business bank account

💡Do you want to bill your dental patients later? You can also use MONEI pay to send payment links via email, SMS, or WhatsApp with Pay By Link.


Save time in your dental office with MONEI Pay

Try MONEI Pay now, with no commitment:

  • Open your MONEI account
  • Download the Android or iOS mobile payment app on as many devices as you need
  • ︎︎Start generating digital QR code payments and/or sending payment requests for your dental services

👈 Scan any QR code to experience MONEI Pay.

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