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Accept Bizum payments

Bizum’s mobile payment solution is the preferred payment method among millions of shoppers in Spain. It’s also fast, secure, and contactless, leading to an improved customer experience and higher conversion rates. Use MONEI to easily accept Bizum online or in person from your phone.

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Benefits of accepting Bizum online, at your brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, or on the go with MONEI

Reach millions of users by accepting Spain’s most used local payment method
Add Bizum to your e-commerce store at no extra cost
Increase conversions with a shorter payment flow
Receive payments instantly — funds are available in real-time

Save money on bulky POS hardware — accept Bizum payments from your phone

Reduce customer queues with faster, contactless in-person payments

MONEI Payment Gateway

How does Bizum work for customers?

Bizum users can send and receive money instantly or pay for purchases using their smartphones. Customers can link their IBAN to their Bizum account to quickly complete purchases online and off, without ever sharing personal details with merchants.

Once a customer has linked their bank account to their Bizum profile, it’s available for all future purchases, making the payment process faster and more convenient across sales channels.

How Bizum online payments work:

  • MONEI automatically detects if the customer is located in Spain and shows the Bizum button on the payment page
  • Customer clicks the Bizum button at checkout
  • Customer gets a push notification from their banking app
  • Customer confirms the payment in their banking app

How Bizum physical payments work:

  • You create a digital QR payment or payment request
  • Customers scans the QR code or you enter their mobile number for payment requests
  • Customer selects Bizum on the mobile payment page (QR code payment)
  • Customer gets a push notification from their banking app
  • Customer confirms the payment in their banking app

Accept Bizum payments with MONEI

Accept Bizum online

Use a simple plugin to add Bizum to all major e-commerce platforms or use our Payments API to integrate with your custom-built website.

Accept Bizum in person

Download the MONEI Pay app (Android or iOS) to take Bizum payments from your phone and view online and physical transaction history from anywhere.

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