Shopify Payment Gateway

MONEI is the first payment gateway to be 100% integrated with Shopify.
Connect your online store to MONEI in a few steps, via API, by simply installing and configuring it in your Shopify store payment settings.

More payment methods
Connect your Shopify store to a wider range of payment methods, increasing your e-commerce conversion rate and your consumers' satisfaction.
● all main credit and debit cards
● local payment methods such as Bizum
● digital wallets such as Split by MONEI, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal
Pay later installments

Customize your checkout experience
Provide a seamless and secure payment experience applying your logo, brand colors, and your Shopify store domain name within the user's browser.

Dynamic pricing & 1-day payment settlements
Your money is your own! MONEI's competitive rates and 1-day payments settlement allow you to quickly revinvest in your business and make you Shopify store thrive.
● The more you sell, the lower are the commissions on transactions thanks to our dynamic pricing solution.
● Once verified, you will be able to get your money within 24 hours!
Shopify Payment Gateway