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Get paid faster with WhatsApp payment requests

As of 2023, over 2.24 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp each month, making it one of the most popular global mobile messenger apps. Reduce friction, speed up the payment process, and let customers pay via their favorite messaging app with MONEI’s WhatsApp payment request feature.

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The benefits of WhatsApp payments

Recurring payments
Accept more payment methods and currencies
pay by link
Send payment requests and receipts via WhatsApp using Pay By Link
Quickly take digital payments without a website
Follow transactions in real-time via your user dashboard and set expiration dates
Get built-in payment security — PCI compliance, 3D Secure, PSD2, and SCA, we’ve got you covered
Customize your payment page — use your URL, logo, and brand colors
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How MONEI’s WhatsApp payment requests work

  • Step 1. From the Payments tab in your dashboard, click the Pay By Link button to create a payment.
  • Step 2. Fill in the transaction amount and customer information and send the payment link.
  • Step 3. Customer receives the payment request via WhatsApp and clicks Pay now to complete the transaction.
  • Step 4. Customer selects their preferred payment method, completes the transaction, and receives a receipt via WhatsApp.
Apple Pay
Click To Pay
MB Way
Google Pay
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Send payment requests and receipts via WhatsApp today

Get paid faster and improve the customer experience with WhatsApp payment requests. Join MONEI now to get started.

WhatsApp payment requests FAQ

In what countries is MONEI’s WhatsApp payment request feature available?

Currently, WhatsApp payment requests are available to merchants based in Spain and Andorra, for transactions made anywhere in the world.

Is there a minimum or maximum transaction amount for WhatsApp payment requests?

The minimum transaction amount is €1.00 and there is no maximum amount.

Which currencies can I accept via WhatsApp payment requests?

Accept whatever currencies your business supports.

Can I send WhatsApp payment requests and receipts via MONEI Pay?

Not yet. But this feature is coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

What if my customer doesn’t have WhatsApp?

If your customer’s phone number is not associated with a WhatsApp account, the payment request and receipt will be sent via SMS or email.

How do Bizum and WhatsApp payment requests and receipts work together?

Customers who pay via Bizum will automatically receive a receipt via WhatsApp as long as they’re on WhatsApp (otherwise it will be sent via SMS).