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Integrated payment solutions for your platform or marketplace

Quickly and easily integrate payments into your business platform or marketplace with MONEI Connect. Build and scale end-to-end payment experiences with a simple payment partner API. Save time and money with built-in onboarding, fully-managed KYC, and payments compliance and security. Get the best integrated payment solution for platforms and marketplaces — join MONEI.

Integrated payments
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Seamlessly let your users accept payments

Whether your users sell online or in person, quickly integrate with MONEI Connect to help them accept more payment methods.

Easily onboard and payout users

MONEI handles the Know Your Customer (KYC) and payout processes so you can onboard more users, faster, and spend time on sales instead of settlements

Flexible out-of-the-box solution

Save time and money on development by integrating with a single payment system that’s built to scale — add payments to your platform/marketplace or white label our payment solution and charge a fee

Built in payment security

Don’t worry about fraud and transaction security issues, MONEI is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant — we’ll take care of payment security for you
const {Monei, PaymentTransactionType} = require('@monei-js/node-sdk');
const monei = new Monei('pk_test_36cf3e8a15eff3f5be983562ea6b13ec');
  amount: 110, // 1.10 EUR
  currency: 'EUR',
  orderId: '14379133960355',
  paymentToken: '7cc38b08ff471ccd313ad62b23b9f362b107560b',
  callbackUrl: '',
  completeUrl: '',
  customer: {
    name: 'John Doe',
    email: '',
    phone: '+49123456789'

Use the Payment Partner Integration API

  • ︎ Access our APIs on behalf of each MONEI account bound to your partner account.
  • ︎ Get a unique registration link to let your users register their MONEI account (they’ll always be bund to your partner account).
  • ︎ View the Partner Dashboard to see payment history, aggregated analytics, and details about each MONEI account bound to your partner account.

Help your users grow their businesses

Accept more payment methods

Help your platform or marketplace users accept the widest range of payment methods from credit cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bizum, and more local payment methods

Save money

As your users sell more, their transaction fees will decrease in real-time and for in-person payments, MONEI Pay is 50% cheaper than a traditional POS

Take online and physical payments

Let users accept payments online via a customizable payment page and in person from their phone or tablet, using QR codes or payment requests

Case study: Yumminn increased contactless payments by 17% with MONEI Connect

Yumminn’s hospitality platfrom is the easiest and fastest way for restaurants, bars, and hotels in Spain to take orders and accept payments, but without including Bizum in its payment method offering, it was hard to meet the needs of Yumminn’s users and their end customers. All this changed after switching to MONEI Connect for its integrated payments.

Read the Case Study

Get started today with the best integrated payments solution for your platform or marketplace

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Integrated payment solutions FAQ

What are integrated payments?

Integrated payment solutions help streamline and automate the payment acceptance process. It’s a payment system that communicates with the other software your business uses, making the payment integration for each platform or marketplace unique.

What are the main benefits of integrated payment solutions for platforms and marketplaces via MONEI Connect?

  • Save time and money developing your own payments solution
  • Earn a revenue share
  • Leverage MONEI's billing system to charge your users/merchants for additional services
  • Skip dealing with payment compliance
  • Help your users accept more payment methods
  • Make fewer errors

What’s an example of integrated payments?

Yumminn is a platform in Spain that helps restaurants accept orders and payments via QR codes. By using MONEI Connect as an integrated payments partner, Yumminn can let its users accept all the payment methods MONEI supports without having to deal with the development, compliance, and KYC. It’s all handled by MONEI. More platforms that use MONEI Connect for integrated payments are Honei, Glop, Qamarero, Nuve, and Taxitronic.

How long does it take to integrate an integrated payment solution into my platform or marketplace?

The time required for integration depends on various factors, including the complexity of your platform, the chosen payment solution, and the availability of developer resources. Generally, well-documented APIs and developer-friendly tools provided by integrated payment solutions (like MONEI Connect) can expedite the integration process.

Are there any compliance requirements or security considerations I should be aware of?

Absolutely. Compliance requirements and security considerations are crucial when implementing an integrated payment solution. Make sure the solution adheres to relevant industry standards, such as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), to protect sensitive customer payment data.

What kind of customer support or technical assistance is provided with integrated payment solutions?

At MONEI, we provide customer support and technical assistance to help you during the integration process and resolve any issues that may arise. This can include documentation, developer resources, dedicated support channels, and sometimes even on-site assistance depending on the specific service level agreement (SLA) in place. We also handle KYC, onboarding, and payment security and compliance for you.