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POS for taxis: take taxi payments on your phone

In most big cities, taxis are now required to accept credit card payments. You could use a POS for taxis, but they come with frequent network issues, high costs, and short battery life. Instead, use a mobile payment app to quickly and easily accept taxi card payments on your phone.

Save time and money and improve the customer experience with the MONEI Pay app.


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Benefits of accepting taxi payments without a POS

Whether you’re an independent taxi driver, run a taxi business with a fleet of drivers, or offer private hires and limousine services, using a mobile payment app to accept credit card and e-wallet payments from your phone (instead of a taxi POS system) has many advantages.

Turn your phone into a card terminal in minutes and view transaction history on the go
Accept cards and more payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Bizum
Save up to 50% on transaction fees compared to a traditional taxi POS
Offer contactless taxi payments with digital QR codes
Build brand awareness with a customized QR payment page
Send digital receipts via email, SMS, or WhatsApp

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How does MONEI Pay for taxis work?

MONEI Pay is a simple yet powerful payment solution for taxi drivers.

  1. Sign up for MONEI
  2. Download the mobile payment app to your smartphone or tablet
  3. Add users so your fleet of taxi drivers can accept payments anywhere
  4. Create digital QR code payments by entering the purchase amount
  5. Passenger scans the QR code to pay
  6. Passenger selects their preferred payment method
  7. Passenger finishes the transaction with the tap of a button

Start accepting taxi payments from any mobile device

Ready to get started? It only takes a few minutes. Open your MONEI account, then download the Android or iOS mobile payment app on one or many devices to accept taxi card payments.

👈 Scan any QR code to test the payment process.

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Do you have a platform or marketplace for taxi drivers?

Use MONEI Connect to integrate payments and help your drivers accept more payment methods in their taxis.