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Accept Apple Pay payments

Apple Pay has 500 million users worldwide, and it’s growing rapidly. Accepting Apple Pay boosts customer satisfaction and sales thanks to the frictionless and secure online and in-person checkout experience. Get Apple Pay to let iOS users quickly and easily pay for your products or services.

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MONEI payment gateway

Benefits of accepting Apple Pay payments online, at your brick-and-mortar store, restaurant, or on the go with MONEI

Integrate with your e-commerce store at no extra cost

Reach more people and increase sales

Minimize abandoned online carts with a shorter payment flow

Build trust and brand awareness — customize your payment page

Save money on bulky POS devices — take payments from your phone

Avoid customer queues with faster, contactless in-store payments

MONEI Payment Gateway

How does Apple Pay work for customers?

Apple Pay lets shoppers store their credit and debit card information in the app so they can quickly complete purchases online and off, without ever sharing personal details with merchants.

A faster payment experience leads to increased customer satisfaction and more sales. Once Apple Pay users add payment details to the app, it’s available for all future purchases.

How Apple Pay online payments work:

  • MONEI automatically detects if the customer is an iOS user and shows the Apple Pay button on the payment page
  • Customer clicks the Apple Pay button at checkout
  • Customer selects a stored payment method or enters a new one
  • Customer clicks submit order

How Apple Pay physical payments work:

  • Customer opens the Apple Pay app on their smartphone
  • Customer waves their smartphone over an NFC-enabled device or scans a digital QR code
  • Customer authorizes the payment

Take Apple Pay payments at your business with MONEI

Whether you have multiple retail locations, an online shop, a restaurant, or need to collect payments on the go for your services, MONEI is here to help.

Accept Apple Pay online

Add Apple Pay to all major e-commerce platforms with a simple plugin, or integrate with your custom-built website using our Payments API.

Accept physical payments with Apple Pay

Download the MONEI Pay app (Android or iOS) to take Apple Pay payments from your phone and view online and physical transaction history from anywhere.

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Apple Pay FAQs

How do I activate Apple Pay?

As soon as your account has been approved, Apple Pay will be enabled by default. You can go to MONEI Dashboard to make adjustments to your configured payment methods.

What are the transaction fees for Apple Pay?

There are no extra costs to accept Apple Pay through MONEI. You only have to pay the regular dynamic credit card fees.

How does Apple Pay work for customers?

Our technology automatically detects whether your customer is paying from an iOS device such as a Macbook or iPhone with Touch ID that is using Safari. The Apple Pay button is only shown as a payment method to shoppers paying from an Apple Pay enabled device. After they select Apple Pay as the payment method, the payment is completed with the Touch ID or Face ID, creating a seamless experience for the customer.

Where is Apple Pay available?

Today, Apple Pay is available in more than 35 countries. Here is an overview of the countries and regions that support Apple Pay. As more countries support Apple Pay, they are added to this list.