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Omnichannel payments platform

A strong omnichannel strategy means streamlining the buying experience across all channels whether shoppers are in-store or online. Your omnichannel sales and marketing strategy is crucial, but a key factor that’s often overlooked is payments. Unify your online and in-store payments with an omnichannel payments platform that’s already used by hundreds of South Europe’s most successful brands.

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Why build an omnichannel strategy for your retail business?

Unlike a multi-channel approach, omnichannel means all aspects of your business are connected. From online to in-store inventory, marketing campaigns, customer service, and accepting e-commerce and physical payments, everything is linked.

Customers have multiple touchpoints before buying, so offering a consistent experience across their chosen channels, location, and time is vital. Especially when it’s time to provide their payment details.

Whether shoppers are paying from a desktop, mobile device, or in your brick and mortar store, acquiring and keeping loyal customers requires a frictionless and secure payment experience.

Advantages of using an omnichannel payments platform

Omnichannel payment solutions come with many benefits for your online and offline business.

Offering a unified payment experience everywhere and at any time

Accepting alternative and local payment methods in both online and physical stores

Saving time and money on third-party integrations

Centralizing payment information in a single dashboard

Getting a holistic view of each customer

Personalizing the payment process by collecting payment data across channels

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Boost customer satisfaction with MONEI’s omnichannel payment solution

Manage your omnichannel payments with MONEI to accept a wide range of payment methods and manage it all (online and off) from one platform.

Integrate with your e-commerce website for online payments and use MONEI Pay to take contactless in-store (or on the go) QR code payments. Easily and affordably equip your staff to collect mobile payments, view transaction history anytime, avoid customer queues, and save up to 50% on POS hardware and transaction fees.

Power your omnichannel payments with MONEI

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