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Enhance the customer experience with Click to Pay’s fast and secure, one-click payment solution. Be one of the first online businesses to offer this soon-to-be standard payment method that’s supported by major credit card networks including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

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*Click to Pay is not currently available to merchants in Andorra

MONEI payment gateway
MONEI Payment Gateway

Click to Pay: how it works

Click to Pay is a reliable and safe payment feature approved by EMVCo, the global technical entity that enables secure and seamless card payments to benefit businesses, consumers, and financial institutions.

Click to Pay users only have to add their credit, debit, or prepaid card details to the app once. Then they can skip the lengthy guest checkout process and pay in one click using the Click to Pay button.

Boost conversions and customer satisfaction

Create a digital-first and frictionless payment experience for your customers and reduce abandoned shopping carts with Click to Pay. Customers won’t have to enter their card details and personal information each time they check out, but they’ll still be able to use their Mastercard, Visa or Discover credit card.

Secure payment gateway
Secure payment gateway

Accept more payment methods with MONEI

Shoppers today are looking for an abundance of payment options. That’s why we regularly add new online payment methods to our platform. You’ll increase brand loyalty by giving your customers the option to choose their preferred form of payment.

Let MONEI power your e-commerce checkout so you can accept:

Get started with Click to Pay today

Open your MONEI account now to enjoy the benefits of Click to Pay. Integrate the Hosted Payment Page with all major e-commerce platforms or your custom-built website.

MONEI Payment Gateway
WooCommerce payment gateway
Salesforce payment gateway
Prestashop payment gateway
WIX payment gateway
Magneto payment gateway
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Spreedly payment gateway

Click to pay FAQs

How do I activate Click to Pay?

As soon as your account has been approved, Click to Pay will be enabled by default.

What are the transaction fees for Click to Pay?

The actual payment method used depends on the credit or debit cards the consumer adds to their Click to Pay account. There are no extra costs to accept Click to Pay through MONEI. Learn more about our fees.

How does Click to Pay work for consumers?

When your customer chooses to pay by credit card, they will have the option of saving their payment information for future purchases using Click to Pay. All they’ll have to do is check the Click to Pay box next to the Click to Pay icon, fill in their billing information, and then complete the payment. Then Click to Pay will be enabled for future purchases.

Where is Click to Pay available?

Click to Pay is available in over half a million online stores in the United States, and is becoming more popular around the world. Be one of the first online stores to offer this easy, secure, and smart payment option in Spain.

What credit card brands work with Click to Pay?

Currently, Click to Pay powered by MONEI supports Visa and Mastercard credit cards.