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Andorra Payment Gateway

MONEI’s exclusive agreement with Creand Crèdit Andorrà, the leading bank in the Andorran financial market, brings digital payments to e-commerce businesses based in Andorra.

  • Accept all major online payment methods
  • Easy integration with your e-commerce platform or custom website
  • Enjoy short settlement lead times, get paid in 1 day
  • Get real-time sales updates via your customer dashboard
More benefits of working with MONEI and Creand Crèdit Andorrà
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MONEI payment gateway

The Benefits of Working with MONEI and Creand Crèdit Andorrà

MONEI’s unified payment gateway solution is the choice of many European based e-commerce companies.

Our serverless architecture allows you to scale and process a high volume of transactions. Safely and securely accept digital payments and benefit from dynamic pricing — as you sell more, your transaction fees decrease.

In partnership with Creand Crèdit Andorrà, the main player in the Andorran Market providing digital solutions, we bring you a payments platform that suits your e-commerce business needs.

  • Keep your payments safe and secure, MONEI is PSD2 and SCA compliant
  • Increase sales conversions with Dynamic 3D Secure (the verification screen pops up directly on your checkout page without redirecting shoppers)
  • Tokenization lets your customers save their payment method for future purchases
  • Use Pay By Link to create manual payments and send invoices via email
  • Quickly and easily set up recurring payments
  • View information about each payment, including location and device with your customer database

Creand Crèdit Andorrà is committed to serving the country with its innovative technology, global banking, and highly qualified team of professionals.

Accept all major payment methods

Work with MONEI and Creand Crèdit Andorrà to offer your customers their preferred payment methods

Visa payment gateway
Mastercard payment gateway
Google Pay payment gateway
Apple Pay payment gateway
Multibanco payment gateway
SEPA payment gateway
JCB payment gateway
Dinners Club payment gateway
Discover payment gateway

Your e-commerce platform? Yes!

MONEI Payment Gateway
WooCommerce payment gateway
Salesforce payment gateway
Prestashop payment gateway
WIX payment gateway
Magneto payment gateway
Commercetools payment gateway
OctoberCMS payment gateway
Spreedly payment gateway

Creand Crèdit Andorrà has global recognition with over 60 years of dedication to banking and a long track record defined by its devotion to service. It’s the main financial group in Andorra and is paving the way to become an international leader in the field of wealth management.

Our partnership with Creand Crèdit Andorrà lets you simplify your digital payments, sell internationally, and offer your customers many payment methods within one single platform.

Plug-in MONEI’s payment gateway with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify,WooCommerce, and Wix. If you have a custom e-commerce website, develop your custom integration using our API and dev documentation.

MONEI payment gateway

How Can I Get Started?

Whether you're an existing Creand Crèdit Andorrà customer that's ready to get started with e-commerce, an Andorran business that wants to use MONEI’s payment gateway solution, we’re here to help.

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