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QR code payments for restaurants: accept mobile payments today

Let your customers pay quickly and easily from their smartphones by accepting QR code payments for restaurants from any mobile device. Save money on expensive restaurant POS hardware, improve the payment experience, and avoid running out of devices for your waitstaff. Try MONEI Pay.

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How do QR code payments for restaurants work?

MONEI Pay is a simple yet powerful solution that lets you accept QR code payments in your restaurant, bar, or cafe. All you have to do is open the app on your mobile device and add the payment amount. Once the digital QR payment code appears on the screen, the customer can scan it with their smartphone, select their preferred payment method, and complete the payment.

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Improve the payment experience with QR code payments for restaurants

Unlike traditional restaurant POS systems, with MONEI Pay you can:

👇 Accept QR code payments in your restaurant today — download the MONEI Pay app.

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Start accepting restaurant QR code payments from your phone

Creating your MONEI Pay account is simple. Open an account, then download the Android or iOS mobile payment app on as many devices as you need to start generating digital QR code payments for your restaurant.

Scan any QR code to test the payment experience. 👉

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Do you have a platform or marketplace for restaurants, bars, and cafes?

Use MONEI Connect to integrate payments and help your users accept more payment methods in person or online.

QR code payment restaurant FAQ

What is QR code payment in restaurants?

QR code payment in restaurants is a cashless payment method that allows customers to make payments using their smartphones by scanning a digital QR code.

How does QR code payment work in restaurants with MONEI Pay?

When making a payment, customers open the camera on their smartphones, scan the digital QR code on your mobile device, choose their preferred payment method, and confirm the transaction.

How can I start using MONEI Pay for QR code payments in my restaurant?

Go to, sign up, complete your business details, and once you’ve been approved, you can start taking QR code payments in your restaurant. Accept the following payment methods with MONEI Pay: Cards, Bizum, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. If you want to add MONEI Pay to your existing MONEI account, contact support.

Is QR code payment secure for restaurant transactions?

Yes, QR code payment is generally considered secure. It uses encryption and tokenization methods to protect sensitive data and minimize the risk of fraud. But it's still essential to use trusted payment apps (like MONEI Pay) and ensure the security of your smartphone.

What are the benefits of QR code payments for restaurants with MONEI Pay?

QR code payment offers several advantages for restaurants, including faster transactions, reduced cash handling, improved efficiency, and increased convenience for customers. It also enables contactless payments, which grew in popularity during the pandemic, and are here to stay.

Can any smartphone be used for QR code payments in restaurants?

Most modern smartphones with a built-in camera and internet connectivity can be used for QR code payments. But it’s important to make sure your smartphone has a compatible payment app installed — like MONEI Pay.

Are there any fees associated with QR code payments for restaurants with MONEI Pay?

Transaction fees depend on the payment method used by the end customer, there is no setup fee for MONEI Pay. Learn more about pricing.

Do I need additional hardware to accept QR code payments in my restaurant with MONEI Pay?

QR code payments for restaurants via MONEI Pay do not require additional hardware. All you need is a mobile device to display the digital QR code that customers can scan using their smartphones.

How many users can I add to my restaurant’s MONEI Pay account?

You can add as many additional users as you need for €0.16 per seat per day.

Can I issue refunds for restaurant QR code payments with MONEI Pay?

Yes. In the MONEI Pay app, you can issue full and partial refunds.

Are QR code payments widely accepted in restaurants?

QR code payments have gained significant popularity and acceptance in restaurants worldwide. Many establishments, ranging from small local eateries to large chain restaurants, now offer QR code payment options to provide customers with a more convenient and efficient payment experience.