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Get a simple and hardware free POS system

Tired of dealing with high prices, short battery life, frequent network issues, and not having enough devices for your staff? Ditch expensive POS systems to quickly and securely accept payments from your phone or tablet. Get MONEI Pay, the best hardware free POS system.

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Use a mobile payment app to accept payments without a traditional POS

The best POS system for your store or restaurant is not a traditional POS. Skip the bulky hardware and use a simple, secure, and cheap POS system to charge customers from any mobile device using digital QR codes or payment requests.

Unlike traditional POS systems, with MONEI Pay, you can:

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How does MONEI Pay work?

MONEI Pay is a hardware free POS system that lets you accept payments from anywhere using digital QR codes or send payment requests directly to your customer's smartphone.

Accept QR payments with MONEI Pay

Open the MONEI Pay app on your mobile device and enter the payment amount. A digital QR payment code will appear on the screen, then your customer can use their smartphone to scan the QR code, choose their preferred payment method, and complete the purchase.

Send payment requests with MONEI Pay

After you enter the payment amount in the MONEI Pay app, click the “Send payment request” button and enter your customer’s mobile phone number. If their phone number is registered in Bizum, the customer will get a push notification to confirm the payment directly in the banking app, otherwise, they will receive a link to pay via SMS.


What types of businesses use MONEI Pay for mobile payments?

Essentially any business that wants to accept physical payments from their phone or tablet can use MONEI Pay. Here are some of the most common use cases:

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar shops

Whether you occasionally take your online business offline, have a boutique, or run a multi-location brick-and-mortar business, speed up your retail payments, boost the customer experience, and track your omnichannel sales with MONEI Pay.


Mobile payments for restaurants offer more flexibility than traditional POS systems, even for events and food trucks.


Whether you’re a web designer, a nanny, an accountant, or an artist, MONEI Pay is the most flexible POS for freelancers.


Accepting taxi card payments is now required in most cities. Replace your old dataphone and save time and money by using your smartphone as a taxi POS system.

Hair and beauty salons

Simplify your daily work by using the best alternative to a POS system for hair salons. Choose a more convenient, affordable, and reliable option — try MONEI Pay.

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Start accepting payments from your phone or tablet

Setting up your MONEI Pay account is simple. Create your account, then download the Android or iOS mobile payment app on as many devices as you need to start generating digital QR codes and/or payment requests.

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Do you have a business platform or marketplace?

Whether you have a platform or marketplace for brands, restaurants, freelancers, taxis, or another industry, use MONEI Connect to integrate payments and help your users accept more payment methods online, in person, or on the go.