Accept QR code payments with ease

Accept in-store contactless payments and support all the most popular payment methods with QR codes.

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Apple Pay payment gatewayGoogle Pay payment gatewayBizum payment gateway
QR payment gateway
QR payment gateway

Grow your business by letting customers pay with QR codes

Avoid expensive and complicated POS terminals by using QR codes to let your customers pay through their smartphones. All they have to do is scan the code, choose their preferred payment method, and with the tap of a button the transaction finishes.

No POS terminals necessary

Contactless payments are faster and COVID-19 friendly

Compatible with all major payment methods

50% cheaper than your typical POS

Support QR payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bizum

Accept the most popular mobile payment methods preferred by customers using MONEI’s QR payment system. This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bizum payments in Spain.

You’ll increase customer satisfaction by accepting frictionless in-store mobile payments. While removing the hassle of managing a fleet of POS terminals.

qr payment gateway
qr payment gateway

Say goodbye to POS terminals and hello to QR codes

Create an account to start printing your QR codes or order stickers from MONEI and you’ll receive them in less than 72 hours. They’re maintenance-free, don’t need battery power, and are easy to replace.

You’ll eliminate the need for complicated devices, minimize physical contact, and you can place an unlimited amount of QR codes around your store.

Start accepting QR payments now

Get started at streamlining the payment process for you and your customers. You’ll improve customer experience by speeding up the checkout process and offering more payment methods. Open an account now to start accepting QR payments at your business.

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