Get paid with Bizum in Store

  • No more POS without battery or paper
  • COVID-19 friendly: Avoid any contact with credit cards or cash
  • Get paid instantly, as fast as cash payments
  • 50% cheaper than your actual POS
MONEI payment gateway
Shopify Payment Gateway

Digitize Your Physical Payments.

  • No more heavy POS's without battery, coverage or paper
  • Avoid your employees waiting in a queue to get access to a physical device
  • Save up to 300 EUR per employee per month walking to find the POS
  • No physical contact at all. No shared device - no cleaning. No danger for your customers and employees
  • No more waiting days to get your money settled

Join the Payments Revolution

  • Print your QR codes now or get your stickers delivered by MONEI to your business in less than 72 hours. They dont need maintenance, battery and are easy to replace
  • Place as many QR codes as you want in your store
  • Every employee can accept and verify payments in real time
  • QR code sticker is everything you need, no complicated devices, no physical contact
  • Money goes straight to your company IBAN just like a direct SEPA payment. No delays
Secure payment gateway
Secure payment gateway

Security First

  • Let your employees check if the payment is OK.
  • Send a QR or link when your customer is not present via Whatsapp, SMS or email
  • Only admins can issue refunds.
  • Two factor authentication with all transactions.


50% cheaper than your actual POS

  • Starting at 0.05% transaction fee
Our Pricing

Proudly used by more than 5000 stores

El Cort Ingles payment gateway
Decathlon payment gateway
Mediamarkt  payment gateway
Iberdrola payment gateway
Gobik payment gateway

It works with

BBVA payment gateway
Caixa Bank payment gateway
Sabadell Bank payment gateway
Santander Bank payment gateway
Bankinter Bank payment gateway
Unicaja Bank payment gateway

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Payment Gateway for Developers


Is this working with my personal Phone?

No. This is only for companies and in fact no phone number is attached to your company IBAN.

Who is MONEI? Should I worry about my funds?

MONEI is a Spanish fintech with offices in Barcelona, Malaga & New York. We have a long and strong relationship with Banks and Credit Card brands. We are very soon regulated by Banco de España. This MONEI service is not holding any funds as the money goes straight from your customer IBAN to your company’s IBAN.

Do I need to talk to my bank for getting MONEI QR?

Yes. MONEI QR is bank friendly and acts as a bridge between your bank and your customer. Thus you need to ask your branch to provide you with a tpv virtual with Bizum enabled. They should provide you with the following details which you need to enter to MONEI’s dashboard:
Codigo de comercio: 337893119 (example)
Sha: jXT+QIxOh6e1571F4RAzjE3qkIxgymZe (example)

Can I signup without asking my bank to be involved?

No. Your bank needs to give you what’s called a ‘tpv virtual con Bizum habilitado’. Considering you are a company or freelancer already working with them, they don’t need to verify almost anything so the process can take max 72 hours.

Which banks are QR by MONEI friendly?

Any Spanish bank: BBVA, Santander, CaixaBank, Bankia, Bankinter, Unicaja...

Can I cancel and delete my MONEI account?

Sure! Head to your dashboard and on settings click on delete account and all your data will be fully erased and no further charges will be applied to your company’s IBAN.

Can I use QR by MONEI as an individual?

Nope! This is only for companies and ‘autonomos’ with their authorization to do commercial/business activities (namely whats known of ‘modelo 036’ de Hacienda)