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Get the Wix PayPal integration

PayPal is the most popular digital wallet globally, making it essential to accept it in your Wix store. To do this, you’ll need a payment gateway that supports a Wix PayPal integration.

We’re here to help. Our advanced e-commerce payment gateway lets you accept and manage all the most popular payment methods in a single platform. This way, you can focus on growing your e-commerce business.

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Manage all your Wix payments from one easy-to-use dashboard

PayPal is widely used, but there’s an abundance of online payment methods you can add to your Wix store to boost customer satisfaction. Meet the demands of shoppers by offering many payment options including PayPal and other digital wallets such as Google Pay, and Apple Pay. As well as credit and debit cards and local payment methods such as Cofidis 4xcard and Bizum in Spain.

Our goal is to help you accept as many online payment methods as possible. This way, you’ll reach more people, improve the checkout experience, and sell more. That’s why we combine all major and alternative payment methods into a single platform.

We’re adding more payment methods regularly, sign up here to get notified.

Optimize your sales by approving more online payments

Reduce online payment failure messages and lost sales by setting up payment processing rules. This way, instead of depending on Redsys alone to process transactions, you can use our payments orchestration feature to choose a default payment processor. And if your provider is experiencing downtime, we’ll send the payment to a different, better-performing one.

Secure payment gateway
Secure payment gateway

Get the lowest Wix payment gateway pricing

While you’re growing a business, every cent counts. That’s why we’re the only payment gateway to offer scaled pricing. This way, as you sell more, your transaction fees decrease in real-time.

Choose a Wix payment gateway that adapts to your business needs — view pricing here.

How to add the Wix PayPal integration to your website

Follow these steps to quickly and easily add a PayPal button to your Wix store:

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