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Add Wix credit card payments to your online store

You’ve picked your Wix theme, created product pages, and now it’s time to add credit card payments to Wix. But to do this, you need a payment gateway that supports Wix credit card payments.

That’s where we come in. Our advanced e-commerce payment gateway lets you accept and manage all the most popular payment methods in a single platform. Open an account today to get started with Wix credit card payments. Supported card networks include Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, and UnionPay.

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Accept credit card payments and alternative payment methods in your Wix store

Accepting credit card payments in your Wix store is essential. But there are also many alternative payment methods consumers look for at checkout. This includes digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Click to Pay, plus local payment methods like Bizum and Cofidis 4xcard in Spain.

Adding more payment options to your Wix store will help you reach more people, boost customer satisfaction, and increase your conversion rate. That’s why we make it easy for you to manage a wide range of online payment methods from a single merchant dashboard.

Increase sales by approving more transactions

Depending on Redsys alone as your payment processor can lead to false online payment failure messages and lost sales. Provide a frictionless payment experience, approve more payments, and increase sales thanks to our payments orchestration feature. Set up payment processing rules by choosing a default processor and if it’s experiencing downtime, we’ll route the payment to a different, better performing provider.

Secure payment gateway
Secure payment gateway

Enjoy the best Wix payment gateway transaction fees

We want to help you grow your e-commerce business faster. That’s why we’re the only payment gateway to offer scaled pricing — as you sell more, your transaction fees will decrease in real-time. This way, you’ll save more money to reinvest in your store.

Choose a dynamic Wix payment gateway that scales with your business — view pricing here.

How to enable Wix credit card payments

Follow these steps to connect your website with our payment gateway, and start accepting Wix credit card payments (and more) today.

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