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Quickly and easily accept installment payments in your Shopify store

Accepting installment payments in your Shopify store leads to more sales, improved customer satisfaction, and boosts brand loyalty. If customers can buy now and pay later, they’ll visit your store more often and you’ll enjoy increased customer lifetime value. But you’ll need a payment service provider that supports installment payments and integrates with Shopify.

Use our advanced e-commerce payment gateway to accept the widest range of payment methods in your Shopify store. Thanks to our partnership with Cofidis, you can let shoppers pay in 4 installments while you get paid in full.

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MONEI Payment Gateway

Build trust and sell more by adding Cofidis installment payments to your Shopify store

As Spain’s leader in consumer credit, Cofidis is widely used and trusted. Add installment payments to your Shopify store to get paid in full when the order is placed, while your customers enjoy shopping now and paying later. You’ll never have to worry about chasing customers for money and letting them pay later builds trust in your brand.

How Installment Payments by Cofidis work

After you create your MONEI account and configure the Cofidis payment method, your customers can select installment payments at checkout (on purchases from €75 to €1,000).

The customer checkout process is simple. All they have to do is provide their credit card details and personal ID, and with a few clicks, the order will be finished.

The first payment happens at the time of purchase and the balance customer transactions occur automatically 30, 60, and 90 days after the initial payment. You’ll get paid in full one day after the order is placed.

For more information about enabling Cofidis and payouts, go here.

Secure payment gateway
Secure payment gateway

Why use MONEI’s e-commerce payment gateway?

Accepting as many payment methods as possible is critical in e-commerce. In addition to pay later options like Cofidis, consumers today are looking for more ways to pay online. This includes digital wallets like Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Click to Pay as well as local payment methods such as Bizum in Spain.

We’re here to help you accept the widest range of online payment methods so you can reach more people, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales. That’s why we aggregate all major and alternative payment methods into one easy-to-use platform.

And we also don’t want to kill your profit margins with high transaction fees. As you sell more, your transaction fees will decrease in real-time. You’ll make more money per sale that you can reinvest to grow your business.

Use a flexible payment gateway that scales with your Shopify store — view pricing here.

Integrate installment payments (and more) with your Shopify store today

Quickly and easily connect your Shopify store with MONEI in a few short steps to start accepting more payment methods today.

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