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Giropay has over one million transactions per month making it one of the most popular payment methods in Germany. Introduced in 2005, it supports most German banks and lets consumers complete payments from their existing online banking environment. To grow your business in Germany, accept Giropay payments.

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What is Giropay and its benefits

Giropay is a quick and secure payment method that lets consumers pay using their online banking app.

Attract more customers

Reach over 45 million online banking consumers (over 50% of Germany’s adult population)

Real-time payments

Receive guaranteed payment as soon as the consumer completes the transaction

Easy refunds

Manage full and partial refunds

Giropay payment Process

With Giropay, your customers can complete payments without sharing any personal information.

  1. Shopper selects Giropay as their preferred payment method at checkout
  2. Shopper chooses their bank for payment
  3. Shopper logs in to their online banking environment to confirm the transaction
  4. You and the shopper receive payment confirmation
Accept Giropay to let customers quickly and safely pay from their online banking app. And to stand out from the competition, configure more payment methods like cards and alternative payment methods including Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Click to Pay, Cofidis, Bizum, Trustly, Bancontact, Multibanco, MB WAY, SEPA Direct Debit, and SEPA Request-to-Pay.
Secure payment gateway
Giropay safe payment method

Is Giropay a safe payment method?

Giropay is known for its adherence to the strict security and data protection standards required for online banking, ensuring complete safety for its users. When a translation is completed using Giropay, you instantly receive the payment. It’s guaranteed, immediate, and risk-free.

Customers interact exclusively with their bank's online banking system during transactions so sensitive personal data is never shared with merchants, eliminating the risk of third-party access or visibility of personal information.

Get the Giropay payment integration

Adding Giropay to your business is straightforward. All you have to do is sign up for MONEI Once you’ve been approved, contact support to configure this payment method in your store.

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Giropay FAQ

Which payment methods does MONEI support?

Consult our payment methods page to see all the local payment methods you can accept when you integrate with MONEI.

What are all the different types of local payment methods?

There are many local payment methods used across the world. You don’t have to accept them all. Instead, focus on the ones most relevant to your target market.

What are interchange fees?

They are the fees you must pay to card-issuing banks when customers use a credit or debit card to complete a purchase from your business. Learn how they work.

Are there setup fees for MONEI?

No. And transaction fees are dynamic. As your sales increase, your fees per transaction will decrease. Learn more about MONEI’s pricing.