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Quickly and easily add credit card payments to your WooCommerce store

You’ve chosen your WooCommerce template and set up your product pages. Now it’s time to configure credit card payments in your store. But you need a payment gateway that connects with WooCommerce and supports credit card payments.

Use our advanced e-commerce payment gateway to configure the widest range of payment methods in a single dashboard. Set up an account and you’ll be prepared to accept fast and secure credit card payments in your WooCommerce store. Credit card brands include Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, and UnionPay.

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MONEI Payment Gateway

Accept credit cards and more payment methods in your WooCommerce store

Paying by credit card is popular, but it shouldn’t be the only online payment method you accept in your WooCommerce store. Shoppers today are looking for new ways to pay online including digital wallets like Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Click to Pay. Along with local payment methods such as Cofidis installment payments and Bizum in Spain.

Accepting more payment methods helps you reach more people, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales. That’s why we combine all major and alternative payment methods in one platform. Join us today so you can manage all your payments from a single dashboard.

Grow your sales revenue

Approve more payments, improve the checkout experience, and increase conversion rates thanks to our payments orchestration feature. Instead of depending on Redsys alone to process credit card payments, our smart routing technology sends online transactions to multiple payment processors. This way, if one is experiencing downtime, the payment is routed to the best-performing processor to reduce online payment failures.

Secure payment gateway
Secure payment gateway

Enjoy the lowest WooCommerce payment gateway transaction fees

As you sell more, you’ll pay less on transaction fees, thanks to our dynamic billing model. We’re the only payment gateway to offer sliding scale pricing so you’re left with more money to reinvest and grow your e-commerce business.

Use a WooCommerce payment gateway that helps you scale your online store — view pricing here.

Connect your WooCommerce store with MONEI to start accepting credit card payments (and more)

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