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Accept credit cards online

Credit cards are still one of the most popular online payment methods. To accept credit cards online, you need a credit card payment gateway that lets you safely process payments from popular card networks like Visa, Mastercard, and more. Open an account to add credit card payments to your website today.

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Increase sales with a flexible credit card payment gateway

Accepting credit card payments online is crucial, but there are many important options to add to your payment stack. That’s why we aggregate all major and alternative payment methods into one platform. With a single connection, you can accept card payments and more in your store:

Why choose MONEI?

Choosing the right payments platform is vital to the success of your business. Using a payment gateway that offers credit card tokenization guarantees secure card transactions and gives you the option to turn products into subscriptions so you can put recurring payments on autopilot.

Improve your transaction approval rates, reduce abandoned carts, and boost conversions with payments orchestration. Choose a default credit card payment processor and set payment routing rules. This way, if your primary processor is experiencing downtime, the transaction will get sent to another one.

Boost brand awareness and build trust by customizing your checkout page. Use your logo, brand colors, and your domain throughout the payment process so the customer never leaves your website.

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How to add credit card payments to your website

Sign up to configure your credit card payment gateway today. You don’t even need a Virtual POS to get started. As soon as your account has been approved, card payments will be will be set up by default. Then you can use one of our e-commerce platform plugins (Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and more) or the Payments API to integrate with your custom built website.

Do you want to improve your transaction approval rate? Then try the payments orchestration plan (MONEI PLUS). Learn more here.

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